5 Essential Oils to Add to Your Beauty Routine

Essential oils have been used for centuries because of their beneficial properties that alleviate skincare to the next level. Apart from celebrities and influencers vouching for the benefits of using essential oils, fitness experts and dermatologists have also recognized the importance of essential oils in beauty routine. These oils not only add a mesmerizing natural glow to your skin but are also good for keeping skin diseases at bay. In any case, it would be wise to consult a dermatologist before investing in essential oils. 

Regardless of your skin type, there are many essential oils suitable for all sorts of skin. From oily to arid, all skin types can be treated if you know which essential oils positively impact the skin. Therefore, we have shared a list of 5 essential oils that will alleviate skin problems, boost your natural glow and give you a timeless look you have been searching for. So, without further delay, let's explore five essential oils to add to your beauty routine. 

5 Essential Oils for the Best Skincare Routine

The key to adding essential oils to your skincare routine is to use them properly. Therefore, we have consulted some of the best skincare experts to create a list of essential oils for your beauty routine. These essential oils hold several skin benefits, and you will learn most of these benefits below. 

Pure Argon Oil 

Pure Argon oil is antioxidant and vitamin-rich, making it a perfect addition to your skincare routine. This essential oil shows results instantly as the abundant Vitamin E in its formula quickly absorbs in your skin. Moreover, Pure Argon oil is perfect for dry and wrinkly skin to alleviate aging symptoms without choosing artificial treatment and surgeries. Apply this oil to your skin daily to witness maximum results and anti-aging effects. 

Argon Oil

Cedar Wood Organic Essential Oil

The almighty Cedar Wood organic essential oil is an excellent treatment for unrelenting pimples. Adding a few drops of this essential oil to a non-comedogenic oil will create an acne-fighting formula. The Cedarwood essential oil is strong enough to fight most stubborn pimples and give you clear skin. If you want to glow every day and avoid having a pimple right before a significant event or a party, keep a bottle of Cedarwood essential oil with you at all times. 

Cedarwood Oil

Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender oil is a multi-purpose oil that has a sweet aroma and can fix dry skin. It is an excellent substitute for Pure Argon oil thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties and skin cell repairing formula. Lavender is a naturally light oil; therefore, it can reduce dryness without making your skin too greasy. Moreover, you can apply lavender oil at any time of the day. Most people carry lavender oil with them and use whenever their skin becomes dry. Lastly, lavender oil maintains your skin's moisture levels, and it's a natural skin hydrator. 

Lavender Oil

Thieves Essential Oil 

If you are tired of applying multiple essential oils on your skin one after another, Thieves essential oil is your best option. It's a combination of various organic oils, including clove, cinnamon bark, eucalyptus, rosemary, and lemon. Apart from its wonderful aroma and skin healing properties, the Thieves essential oil has anti-microbial properties that remove harmful bacteria from the skin. These bacteria not only cause dryness but can also lead to severe skin diseases. Lastly, this essential oil is also efficient in killing fungi that reside on the skin and cause pimples. In summary, this essential oil is a complete package fit to be a part of your skincare routine. 

Thieves Oil

Grapefruit Essential Oil 

If you have ever been on a weight loss plan, you must be familiar with grapefruit benefits. However, when it comes to skincare, this fruit has excellent skin repairing properties and mesmerizing aroma. Add this grapefruit essential oil to any of your beauty creams, and your skin will smell fresh and wonderful. Moreover, grapefruit has anti-inflammatory properties and skin cell repairing agents. Lastly, grapefruit essential oil is excellent for oily skin, and it can also heal acne. So, make sure to add this oil to your beauty creams and enhance their benefits. 

Grapefriut Oil

Final Verdict

Essential oils are necessary to have glowing, ageing free and acne-immune skin. These oils are made from all-natural ingredients that are free from skin diseases and adverse skin reactions. On top of this, the benefits of adding essential oils to a beauty routine include pimple prevention, balanced skin, acne healing, complete protection from skin diseases, and skin repair. If you want to have a natural glow all year, then using essential oils is a must. Regardless of weather conditions, essential oils can keep your skin cells alive and remove dead cells. 


Furthermore, using essential oils daily will boost your skin's anti-inflammatory properties and keep bacteria and fungi at bay. Moreover, your skin will look and feel a lot younger than your age. These are some of the secrets of essential oils most people aren't aware of. However, you will notice many other benefits of essential oils once you add them to your beauty routine.