8 Small Things You Can Do To Get Fitter

If you've been trying to lose weight for a while, you've probably tried a lot of diets and workouts, such as Keto, intermittent fasting, interval training, strength training, etc. With so many health and fitness trends out there, information overload can discourage you from sticking to one thing for long. 

While most healthy diets and workout routines have their own set of benefits and can help you get fitter, they can sometimes be a little too strict to follow. However, weight loss doesn't have to be complicated. In fact, there are few small things you can do on a regular basis to lose weight over time. 


Drink Water First Thing in The Morning

Do not underestimate the power of a glass of fresh water in the morning. It is the best way to start your day and lets your body know that it is time to get active after a period of rest. It flushes the toxins that have accumulated overnight and refreshes your brain by hydrating you and fueling your metabolism. Squeezing half a lemon or adding some apple cider vinegar to the water can also increase its nutritional benefits and work as a quick pick-me-up. 


Never Skip Breakfast

Everyone is so busy in the morning that it seems easier to skip breakfast in favor of coffee and have a heavy lunch. However, this may be the worst thing you can do to your health and fitness goals. You may think that it would be difficult to squeeze time to make breakfast each morning, but it takes less than 10 minutes to whip up some scrambled eggs and a whole-wheat toast. 

The benefits of doing so are more than you can imagine. You will feel fuller for longer, your metabolism will work more efficiently throughout the day, you'll feel less lethargic in the morning, and you'll be more productive. 

Stretch Whenever You Can

Sometimes, it can become a real inconvenience to fit regular gym trips into your schedule. While stretching is no replacement for a proper workout, getting into the habit of moving your joints whenever you can is definitely better than nothing. 

If you do simple stretches in the morning before getting out of bed, you activate your brain. It also releases endorphins, which helps you start your morning with the feel-good­ sensation. If stretching in the morning sounds too much, do it whenever you have the time. Just try to squeeze a few minutes of stretching into your day. 

Ditch Sugary Beverages for Water

This may be a little difficult for some people, but it is certainly worth the effort. A single can of soda or packaged lemonade contains about 8 to 9 teaspoons of sugar. That is almost as much as the safe sugar limit per day. This means that the second can of soda can throw you off your daily sugar intake limit

Instead, opt for sparkling water or fresh water. Add some fruits like orange or even just a lime to add flavour to your water. If you start doing this now, you'll soon start noticing that you're enjoying water more than those sugary beverages. 

Read Food Labels

You can't imagine how many snacks and products you'll ditch if you just start reading the food labels. A lot of the products sold as fitness and health-friendly are usually high in sugar or fat – or both. By just ensuring that you read all food labels and check what goes onto your plate, you can prevent consuming a lot of unhealthy and unnecessary calories. 


One of the primary reasons most diets fail is because people start starving themselves. This is a recipe for disaster. If you try to starve yourself to lose weight, you'll inevitably reach a point where you'll give up and start eating like before. In some cases, this can cause you to gain even more weight than before. 

Instead, make sure that you have enough food to fill yourself up properly. However, opt for foods that are high in fibre and provide nourishment to your body. These are the fuel your body needs to continue functioning properly. So don't skip meals and make sure that you eat the right kinds of food for energy. 

Have Cheat Meals

In addition to the previous point, completely depriving yourself of unhealthy foods that you enjoy is also not a good idea. You shouldn't have French fries or muffins on a regular basis, but having them once in a while can help keep your cravings at bay. 

This way, they'll also feel like a treat, enabling you to enjoy your favourite snacks even more. So when you feel the sudden craving for a Big Mac, don't resist it. Just make sure that you don't have them too often. 

Take The Stairs Instead of The Elevators

Most people opt for the elevator when given the opportunity. Don't do that. Instead, opt for the stairs whenever you can. This is an effortless way to squeeze some activity into your day. Plus, there are some great benefits of taking the stair

You may feel that taking the stairs will cost you more time, but that isn't true. By the time you press the button, wait for the lift to arrive, and take it to your preferred floor, you will have already reached there by the stairs. So, next time you come across an elevator and stairs, opt for the latter. 

 Man standing on a mountain

By doing these small things on a regular basis, you'll notice that yourself getting fitter and more energized over time. And the best part is that you don't have to go out of your way for these, as they can be done almost without any effort.