Can I do strength training at home?

Working out at home has always been an option for keeping fit. But unsurprisingly in 2020 it’s become increasingly popular. Signups for online classes have soared and fitness equipment such as weights became as hard to get hold of as flour and toilet paper.

Working out at home has plenty of benefits. It’s free, means you don’t have to travel and unlike running or other outdoor activities the weather won’t disrupt your routine. 

Strength training is ideal for the ‘gym’ in your front room or bedroom. It can be done in a small space with limited or no equipment. And it has benefits for balance, bone strength and your heart as well as contributing to weight loss.

 What is strength training?

Strength training, also known as resistance training, is generally defined as exercise that makes your muscles work by using resistance. This can mean using weights, bands or your own body weight. 

An equipment-free work would focus on using your own body weight. So think squats, sit-ups and push-ups. And don’t forget about the plank.  Resistance bands are a great addition. They’re cheap, don’t take up much space and intensify your workout.

Adding in dumbbells can increase the impact further and your range of exercises can be expanded to include shoulder presses, bench presses and the bent-over row. But it is easier to injure yourself than when you are working against your own body weight and some coaching in technique is beneficial.

You can get your strength training routine started straight away. Start by planning a regular routine without weights. Add in some rest days to allow your muscles to recover. And most importantly stick to it!

Have you tried strength training at home?