What are the 5 benefits of strength training?

Strength training covers the broad group of exercises that push your muscles to work harder then they might usually using your own body weight or some other kind of resistance such as dumbbells. Examples include squats, cycling and weight machines. If you’re wondering how effective strength training can be just take a look at these benefits.

Improved muscular strength

From your thirties, you’re losing muscle mass strength. Strength training helps to reduce this loss. It also contributes to maintaining bone strength reducing the chances of a fracture and of developing osteoporosis.

Better coordination

 If strength training puts the idea of bulked-up bodybuilders in your head think again. Because strength training improves muscle strength it also helps to support your skeletal structure. The result is better coordination and that’s something you’ll be grateful for as you get older.

Management of chronic pain

Conditions such as arthritis, back pain and depression can be helped by strength training. Of course, if you’ve got a chronic condition or haven’t exercised for while then ease yourself in and find out the right techniques to use. But don’t put off making them part of your routine.

Keeps your weight under control

Naturally, undertaking strength training burns calories helping you to maintain a healthy weight. But as it turns out lean muscle burns more calories than fat. Plus researchers are investigating the idea that strength training results in an increase in resting metabolism.

Helps to boost your mood

All exercise is a mood booster due to the release of endorphins. But research suggests that strength training has a particularly positive effect and reduces anxiety.

Feeling inspired? Given the benefits of strength training, there’s every reason to start making it part of your weekly routine.