Every Order Provides a Meal to Someone in Need



According to recent data, approximately 690 million people in the world are hungry – that is 8.9% of the world’s population. What’s even more horrifying is this number is 10 million more than the previous year.


Hunger is a problem in both, developed and developing countries. With people living below the poverty line, they cannot afford food, especially when prices keep rising higher and higher. High prices, poverty, and hunger come together to make a vicious cycle.


Poverty causes hunger. People suffering from malnourishment have no options – they can’t buy food, they can’t buy tools and materials to grow their own food, and they remain hungry, unable to get out of this cycle.



While several arguments can be made about what causes hunger, food shortage isn’t one of them. In fact, enough food is produced to feed all the hungry and poor in the world. Food wastage is the main cause of global hunger. This happens in both, developed and developing countries.


In developing countries, lack of technology and faulty equipment results in food wastage, most of which happens before the food is even brought to the market or sold. In developed countries, wastage is common in restaurants, at home, in supermarkets, etc. Expired products, unused products, and hoarding all contribute to this.

In addition to this, there are economic factors that lead to food waste. High supply can lower price, and often, food is dumped into the ocean and thrown away on purpose just so the remaining food can be priced higher.


When fruits aren’t picture perfect and round, they are often just tossed away. Bruised peaches and other slightly damaged fruits are thrown away instead of being sold because of the demand for “perfect” products. This doesn’t just take place in stores – it’s common on farms as well. To save money on extra labour and machinery, imperfect products sometimes aren’t even picked. If they are, blemished food can be left in a warehouse or barn to rot as an easy discarding option. All of these factors and more contribute to poverty and global hunger.



A percentage of each sale is donated so that those less fortunate can be fed.

This provides meals to people in need all around the globe.


All you have to do is place your order – our system automatically deducts a percentage and donates it.

Donations are made as soon as your order goes through.

Pledgeling then uses this money to help people in need of food.